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LIVE- Results start pouring in at Worcester City Council elections

Worcester Editorial 3rd May, 2024 Updated: 3rd May, 2024   0

THE count has started to find out the results of Worcester City Council’s first-ever all-out elections.

The race is on to reach the magic 18 seats needed for a majority.

Labour are currently the biggest party in the council with 13 seats, followed by the Green Party who currently hold 11.

The Conservatives will be hoping to buck the National trend and add to their seven seats, while the Liberal Democrats currently have four councillors, with three of them representing Claines.

Worcester has a 34.26 per cent voter turnout this year.

The Results

Number of elected councillors:

Labour Party- 17

Green Party – 12

Liberal Democrat- 5

Conservatives  – 1


Nunnery Ward (LAB HOLD)

And its three more elected for Labour who fall just one seat short of overall control in the council.

Voter turnout: 31.57 per cent 

Councillor Pat Agar (Labour) – 994 (ELECTED)

Nadeem Ahmed (Independent) – 260

Asfand Ali (N/A) – 146

Councillor Bash Ali (Labour) – 807 (ELECTED)

Leon Babu (Conservative) – 442

Scott Butler (Lib Dem) – 184

Paul David Carney  (Reform UK) – 203

Allah Ditta (Conservative) – 472

Barbara Mitra (Green Party) – 340

Lucy Owen (Conservative) – 417

Alice Ponder (Green Party) – 302

Councillor Elaine Grace Willmore (Labour) – 963 (ELECTED)

Mikaeel Zafar (N/A) – 143

Jacek Zmarzlik (Green Party) – 157


Claines Ward (LIB DEM HOLD)

It’s going to be a hung council as a historic night for the Liberal Democrats sees all three sitting councillors re-elected and shuts off any chance of Labour or the Green Party gaining a majority.

The party’s leader, Coun Mel Allcott said : “This is a historic night for Lib Dem’s as we have 5 seats in Worcester for the first time in history. We will continue to work hard for everyone in Claines and thank you for your support.”

Voter turnout: 40.54 per cent

Louis Joel Allaway (Labour) -309

Councillor Mel Allcott (Lib Dem) – 1798 (ELECTED)

Simon Bovey (Green Party)- 221

Tom Henri (Labour) – 267

Councillor Jessie Jagger (Lib Dem) – 1401 (ELECTED)

Councillor Karen Michelle Lawrance (Lib Dem) – 1333 (ELECTED)

Mandy Neill (Green Party) – 289

Claire Nichols (Green Party) – 236

Trish Nosal (Conservative) – 373

Joy Squires (Labour) – 333

Chris Thorp (Conservative) – 473

Tom Wisniewski (Conservative) – 360


Warndon and Elbury Park Ward (THREE LABOUR SEATS)

A massive win for Labour who now need four more seats to get a majority. But their victory has been a massive blow for the Conservatives, who have lost two sitting councillors including their leader Coun James Stanley.

Voter turnout: 22.78 per cent 

Mohammed Awais (Independent) – 140

Sue Braithwaite   (Green Party) – 288

Councillor Owen Cleary   (Conservative) – 388

Simon Paul Cottingham  (Lib Dem) – 111

Councillor Jill Desayrah (Labour) – 868 (ELECTED)

Shazad Ditta  (Conservative) – 325

Sarah Dukes   (Green Party) – 235

Jason Thomas Ford   (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 80

Phil Gilfillan (Green Party) – 165

Naz Hussain (Labour Party). – 708 (ELECTED)

Ed Kimberley (Labour Party) – 788 (ELECTED)

Councillor James Stanley (Conservative) – 389



Lower Wick and Pitmaston Ward (CON HOLD AND LAB HOLD)

Voter turnout: 39.89 per cent 

Councillor Alan Amos (Conservative) – 817 (ELECTED)

Stephen Brohan (Green Party) – 194

Aaron Daniels (Labour) – 653

Eloise Jade Davies (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 23

Lucy Hodgson (Conservative) – 569

John Gabor Ondreasz (Lib Dem) – 129

Councillor Susan Elizabeth Smith (Labour) – 752 (ELECTED)

Alaric Stephen (Green Party) – 170



And the Green Party are in the lead as Coun Tor Pingree retained her seat and Alex Kinnersley winning the seat vacated by current Conservative Worcestershire County Council leader Simon Geraghty.

Gogglebox star Seb James, who was standing for the Conservatives, was 117 votes off winning a seat.

Voter turnout: 37.24 per cent 

Bertie Ballinger  (Conservative) – 533

Ian Michael Craigan  (Labour) – 263

Seb James (Conservative) – 482

Alex Kinnersley (Green Party) – 598. (ELECTED)

Steve Mather (Lib Dem) – 59

Councillor Tor Pingree (Green Party) – 788 (ELECTED)

Jacqui Wilde (Labour)  – 179

Max Windsor-Peplow (Reform UK) – 94


Battenhall Ward (TWO GREEN SEATS)

It’s neck and neck again as the Green Party win two more seats, with city mayor Coun Louis Stephen retaining his spot on the council and Paul Sobczyk also winning a spot on the council.

Coun Stephen said: “I am honoured, humbled and very thankful for the opportunity I have been given by this election.

“It’s not easy being a green, very often councillors have to work very hard to get elected, but when we get elected we stay elected.”

Voter turnout: 43.11 per cent 

Parveen Akhtar (Conservative) – 300

Ian Keith Benfield (Labour) – 306

Naseeb Hussain (Conservative) – 253

Paul Sobczyk (Green Party) – 1213 (

Councillor Louis Stephen (Green Party) – 1367

Pyres Hugh Symon (Lib Dem) – 59

Graham Taylor (Labour) – 322


  • 5.53pm – With nine wards declared so far, things have gone pretty much as expected, with all but one councillor retaining their seat. The one exception is Conservative councillor Stephen Hodgson, whose party are yet to win a seat so far. Labour lead the way with 10 seats, followed by the Greens with eight and the Liberal Democrats with two.



Fort Royal Ward (LABOUR HOLD)

Voter turnout: 35.35 per cent 

Justin Kirby (Green Party) – 179

Andrew Ian James Lee (Lib Dem) – 83

Antonio Martins (Conservative) – 130

Marta Martins (Conservative) – 128

Helen McCarthy (Green Party) – 274

Resnu Meah (N/A) – 236

Councillor Jabba Riaz (Labour) – 655 (ELECTED)

Councillor Atif Sadiq (Labour) – 505 (ELECTED)

Naheem Zafar (Independent) – 252



St Peter’s Parish Ward (GREEN HOLD)

Voter turnout: 36.15 per cent 

Jenny Benfield   (Labour) – 181

Ken Carpenter    (Lib Dem) – 216

Councillor Steve Cockeram   (Green Party) – 832 (ELECTED)

Steve Mackay.      (Conservative) – 428

John Renshaw     (Lib Dem) – 537

Councillor Elena Round     (Green Party) – 724 (ELECTED)

Stephen Geoffrey Tallett    (Labour Party) – 142

James Woolgar  (Conservative) – 428



Leopard Hill Ward (GREEN HOLD)

Voter turnout: 35.59 per cent 

Jamsheyd Ali (Labour) – 199

Jithin Bittu (Conservative) – 364

Councillor Katie Collier (Green Party) – 906 (ELECTED)

Councillor Andrew Cross (Green Party) -1029 (ELECTED)

Sunil Desayrah (Labour) – 176

Paul Richard Jagger (Lib Dem) – 64

Tony Lippett (Conservative) -346

Bart Ricketts (Lib Dem) – 46




The first huge change of the day as St Nicholas goes fully Liberal Democrat, with Conservative councillor Stephen Hodgson losing his seat.

Coun Sarah Murray was re-elected while John Rudge gained a seat on the council for his party.

Coun Murray said: “I’d like to thank Stephen Hodgson for all his years of service. “Thank you to residents, I will work hard for them.

“We know people in Worcester are neither left or right, they want balance and we Liberal Democrat’s give that. “

Coun Rudge also paid tribute to Coun Hodgson, added there were a huge number of things still to do and emphasised the importance of being united.

Voter turnout: 39.30 per cent

Martyn Hencher (Green Party) – 385

Councillor Stephen Hodgson (Conservative) – 415

Janet Lippett (Conservative) – 298

Councillor Sarah Murray (Lib Dem) – 796 (ELECTED)

John Rudge   (Lib Dem) – 569 (ELECTED)

Mike Stafford   (Labour) – 172

Chris Taylor      (Labour) – 132

Clare Wratten   (Green Party) – 295

Dines Green and Grove Farm (TWO LABOUR)

Two more sitting councillors have been re-elected, this time Labour duo Matt Lamb and Robyn Norfolk.

Coun Matt Lamb: “Being elected in a democracy is a great honour and a sacred trust, we will return that trust, fight for those who have no champion and speak for those who have no platform.”

Coun Norfolk added being elected was an honour.

Voter turnout: 23.32 per cent 

Margarete Cawte (Conservative) – 211

Mark Patrick Davies (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 38

Andrew David Holmes (Lib Dems) – 71

Councillor Matt Lamb (Labour) – 609 (ELECTED)

Councillor Robyn Diane Norfolk (Labour) – 478 (ELECTED)

Katherine Pingree (Green Party) – 153

Martin Julian Keith Potter (UKIP) – 68

Nicola Silvester (Green Party) – 121

Mike Wilson (Conservative) – 206


Rainbow Hill (LAB HOLD)

Both Coun Adrian Gregson and Coun Zoe Cookson retain Rainbow Hill for Labour.

Coun Gregson said: “Let me thank all the staff at the city council. On behalf of me and Zoe I want to thank the electorate and we will make sure we do a very good job for the next four years.”

Coun Cookson also thanked the people of Rainbow Hill, saying it was an area where it was ‘hard to get people out to vote.’

Voter turnout: 26.42 per cent

Keith Burton (Conservative) – 161

Susan Carpenter (Lib Dem) – 50

Councillor Zoe Cookson (Labour Party) – 525 (ELECTED)

Councillor Adrian Stewart Gregson (Labour) – 550 (ELECTED) 

Mike Rouse (Conservative) – 96

Josh Trimmer (Green Party) – 464

Nick Weeks   (Green Party) – 488


St Stephen (GREEN HOLD)

Our second hold of the day, this time for the Greens as Coun Neil Laurenson was re-elected. Fellow Green Alex Mace, who was standing in place of council joint leader Marjory Bisset, was also elected.

Coun Laurenson said: Thank you to the people of St Stephen, there is still loads to do so glad to have another mandate to do much more.

“I also want to thank my wife and kids, they are the reason I’m doing this, I’m worried about the world and the Green Party is the only party with the solutions.

Coun Mace added: “I will work every day to repay St Stephens for putting their trust in me. This win is down to everyone in the Worcester Green Party.

“I also want to pay tribute to Marjory who has led us with vision.”


Voter turnout: 38.11 per cent

Ruth Coates   (Labour) – 224

Councillor Neil Laurenson  (Green Party) -981 (ELECTED)

Alex Mace  (Green Party) – 995 (ELECTED)

Andrew John Melville (Lib Dem) – 53

Jason Wild (Conservative) – 256

Mark Willmore  (Labour) – 138

Angelika Wisniewska (Conservative) – 202


Cathedral Ward (LABOUR HOLD)

Worcester’s joint leader Coun Lynn Denham has held onto her seat, while fellow Labourite Adam Scott has also been elected.

Voter turnout: 33.20 per cent

Jon Bodenham (Green Party) – 525

Councillor Lynn Denham (Labour) – 644 (ELECTED)

Archie Michael Harrison (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 33

Francis David Lankester (Independent) – 111

Adele Rimell (Conservative) – 225

Chris Rimell (Conservative) – 216

Adam Scott (Labour) – 541 (ELECTED)

Andrew Smith (Lib Dem) – 43

Leisa Taylor (Green Party) – 464

Stuart Wild  (Lib Dem) – 37


Arboretum Ward (GREEN HOLD)

Voter turnout: 36.70 per cent

Zoe Coldicott (Conservative) – 151

Councillor Hannah Cooper (Green Party) – 1183 (ELECTED)

Calvin Stephen Fowler (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 33

Nazrul Haque (Labour) – 261

Councillor Karen Lewing (Green Party) – 1090 (ELECTED)

Alison Ann Morgan (Lib Dem) – 94

Angela Stanley (Conservative) – 120

Jon Taylor (Lib Dem) – 106

Andrew James Tull (Labour) – 340


St John’s Ward (LABOUR HOLD)

Voter turnout: 32.76 per cent

Jenny Barnes (Labour) – 630 (ELECTED)

Susan Burge  (Conservative) – 164

Peter Jackson (Lib Dem) – 55

Rob Ottolangui  (Green Party) – 355

Alexander Richard James Snell  (Conservative) – 124

Annie Swift (Green Party) – 322

Councillor Richard Udall (Labour) – 864 (ELECTED)




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