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30th Jun, 2022

When Online Casino and Games Combine

Online casino UK sites today are probably the most secure form of gambling created. They are subjects to strict legislation, have to be licensed and are themselves interested in running business as transparent as possible. It is curious to note, however, how an online casino can be established in online form but in another dimension. For example, in an online game.

World of Warcraft (or WoW) is one of the most popular MMORPG ever created. It came out 18 years ago and still holds the throne of the whole genre. Millions of people play the game annually and enjoy wholeheartedly. It’s no surprise that players tried to mix their favorite leisure time activities. There are two main ways gambling is featured in WoW, one of them is entirely player-created and the other one is an official feature of the game.

Trade chat betting

One of the curious mechanics of WoW is an ability to roll. In order to do it one must only type /roll in a chat and all party members will see how much the individual has rolled from 1 to 100. One can also modify the roll by typing min and max digits after the command in order to determine a gap of rolled numbers. For example, /roll 120 130 means that the result would be a random number between 120 and 130. The mechanic is usually used by players in order to determine who gets a specific item, which the party obtained from killing monsters. All players who want to compete simply type /roll, and the winner with the highest result takes the desired item.

However, it is not the only way of using rolling. As you can guess, it became a great substitute to casinos. People have gathered in virtual cities, composing gambling circles to make bets on the outcomes of their rolls. The most popular game is called “Deathrolling”. The rules are as follows: one player challenges another to a deathroll duel. They both compile a bank and the person who proposed a duel opens with a first roll. This roll must be set from 1 to the bank amount x 10. So, if the bank is 100 gold, the first roll would be /roll 1 1000. Let’s imagine that the outcome is 500. Then the second player continues with the second roll but uses the outcome of the first player as the max digit. Thus, he rolls /roll 1 500. Then the process repeats until one of the players rolls 1. This player loses the game and the other gets all the waged money.

Still, one has to be very careful while participating in such activities. Unlike real online casinos, which are subjects to laws and regulations, WoW gambling is build on pure trust. If a dishonest player decides to log off after losing a big bet, no one can prevent the player from doing this. But there is an even bigger issue that prevents most people from entering contests in WoW: it is kind of illegal. In the license agreement it is stated that casinos are prohibited in the game. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wage anything with your friends, it just means that the company would not allow real casinos operating in the game and that customer services can take measures when cheated players complain about cheating players. That is why all who wish to participate must remember that they do it just for fun. After all, they play on virtual currency that is not recognized by any legislation (although it can be unofficially sold on specific websites).

If you can’t beat them, join them

In 2010 Blizzard, the company-developer of WoW, tried to tackle gambling by introducing an official way to push the luck: Mysterious Fortune Cards. Players could obtain them either via professions or by simply buying from other players. At first, you don’t know it’s worth, and only after using a card it reveals its price which is random ranging from a copper to 5000 gold. 5000 is a very lucrative amount, however the chance of getting it is very small. After revealing their worth, cards could be sold to computer vendors without any problem or even human interaction. The RTP of the game would be miniscule, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win, does it? Nevertheless, it is an official way to test your luck and by using it you don’t have to compete with any players, which might be a big deal for those who prefer to avoid player interaction.

As can be seen, online games enjoy their share of gambling popularity too. These games provide tools for players to form into groups of interests such as guilds and clans, so it is no surprise that casino players found their way even there.

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