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Heating Your Home With A Combi Boiler: A Complete Guide

Worcester Editorial 10th May, 2023   0

A combination boiler is an all-in-one heating solution that provides hot water and central heating from one compact unit. They are an extremely popular choice for many UK households who want a small, convenient system that is easy to install.

A combi boiler could be your best option if you are looking for your next boiler! Continue reading to learn more about the various UK combi boilers available to find the right one for you.

What Are Combi Boilers?

Combination boilers are favoured for their small size and compact style, making them easy to hide away inside your home. These boilers can provide instant hot water and central heating by connecting to your mains water supply.

They are simple but effective and are the most common type of boiler installed inside UK homes. Unlike other types of boilers, combi boilers do not require any other bulky external components like a hot water cylinder to function.

There are some differences in how combi boilers operate depending on their fuel source. There are three main types of combi boilers: gas, oil, and electric. Your choice will likely depend on your existing heating system and whether your home connects to the National Grid.

Types Of Combi Boilers

Each type of combi oil boiler operates using the same method- by heating cold water from your mains supply on demand and distributing it through pipes in your home. Nevertheless, there are some important differences to consider with each type of fuel source that can impact your purchasing decision.

Learn more about the different types of combination oil boilers to decide which one is most suitable for your home.


Combi boilers that use gas are UK homeowners’ most widespread and popular option. When you run hot water through your taps, the boiler will begin to burn natural gas sourced from the National Grid. The hot gas rises through the heat exchanger, raising the water temperature in your mains supply.

Gas combi boilers owe their popularity to their cheaper running costs and high-efficiency ratings of up to 90%. Furthermore, if your home already runs on gas central heating, installing a gas combi boiler will be extremely straightforward.

Gas boilers are usually not an option for houses not connected to the National Grid, typically affecting houses in more remote, rural areas. If this is the case for your home, oil boilers are a suitable alternative.

Gas combi boilers also produce harmful greenhouse gasses that cause damage to the environment. Electric combi boilers are an appropriate solution if you wish to lower your carbon footprint and heat your home more sustainably.


Oil combi boilers function similarly to the previous boiler; only this system burns oil instead of gas. These boilers offer an excellent fuel alternative for those not connected to the National Grid.

The fuel for gas boilers is piped directly into your home from the Grid. However, an oil combi boiler will need a separate fuel tank to store the oil. Ensure you have enough space to install the boiler unit and an external fuel tank before purchasing. You will also need to keep a close eye on the levels in your fuel tank and refill it with plenty of time, as you don’t want to run out!

Oil boilers are worse than gas in terms of eco-friendliness and produce a far higher amount of greenhouse gasses during combustion. Electric combi boilers may be the better choice if you are conscious of your environmental impact. Alternatively, you could invest in new renewable heating technology, such as sustainable heat pumps, to power your home.


Electric combi boilers produce lower carbon emissions compared to their fossil fuel alternatives. However, this comes at the price of higher running costs for electricity. Nevertheless, electric combi boilers have the highest efficiency ratings of 99-100%, eliminating energy wastage from combustion.

Instead, electric boilers use a heating element powered by electricity to raise the temperature of the water. Electric combi boilers also have the potential to produce zero carbon emissions when paired with a renewable energy source such as solar panels.

Are Combi Boilers Suitable For Your Home?

If you are comparing combi boilers with other models, such as systems or regular boilers, you may wonder if they suit your home best. Generally speaking, combi boilers work best in small houses with one bathroom and lower hot water demands. This is because combi boilers connect to your mains water supply, affecting the water pressure if you run multiple taps or showers simultaneously.

However, many modern combi boilers can meet much higher heating demands, suitable for homes with two or more bathrooms. These compact, efficient boilers are certainly an excellent choice for your next boiler upgrade. Consider talking to a heating professional to find the perfect boiler that meets your specific requirements.

Article written by GreenMatch.


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